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Stainless Design is a 95% stainless steel railing provider. However, for frameless glass railing, aluminum balustrades still offer one of the most cost effective and durable options.

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When choosing your Aluminum railing supplier its important to look at the following items:

  1. What glass will I need to use in my railing? Guidelines: 10mm Residential and 16mm Commercial project

  2. What type of glass is needed for safety? We recommend always toughened and at heights always toughened and laminated.

  3. Is the railing top mount or side mount? Aluminum railing is best for top mount installations. When side mount it can be cheaper and safer to use a series 4 stainless steel with cover.

  4. Does my aluminum railing channel supplier offer the part complete with rubbers and wedges?

  5. What top mount handrail or glass mounted handrail will I need for mounting on the glass? Top mount rail is always more aesthetically appealing. Side mount might be necessary for handrail regulations in a commercial installation.

  6. What size is the aluminum railing channel? This affects glass panel sizes and mounting sections.

  7. Force stress parameters should be defined. 1kN is fine for residential while for commercial railing projects 2kN attends. And for large infra-structure projects 3kN to 4kN is not unheard of.

  8. Often its overlooked as to how the aluminum railing will be fixed. Pressure fixed bolt anchors are the easy solution. However, these can crack the concrete near ledges. We always recommend using chemical bonds using threaded bar where possible.

  9. And finally, it’s always recommended doing a good detailed project on your installation requirements as this will show up level issues or glass cut considerations on your aluminum railing job.

Why buy your Railing and Handrail from Stainless Designs:

  • 100% Modular railing systems in 316L Stainless Steel

  • Quality graded products - we are registered TS 16949

  • Over 15 years global experience

  • Best quality to price ratio

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