Railing Prices

When determining what price you want to pay on your railing it’s not just about design. Railing price is generally determined mostly by whether it’s a glass railing or stainless steel railing configuration.

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Railing price is determined by various factors. Most companies will quote railing price per foot.

Railing price for a deck, staircase and or balcony will vary even with the same model. That is because the glass for instance will have higher wastage on its cut for stairs than for a deck. And in turn a balcony might have a higher railing level than a deck for safety reasons.

Generally railing price is affected by the below factors on your balustrade project:

  1. Does the railing have glass or not?
  2. What grade stainless steel is being used?
  3. What finish do you need on the stainless steel components – satin or mirror?
  4. Fixing on a deck or mounting on a balcony will affect the cost
  5. Does the railing include or not a handrail?
  6. Each balustrade system also has its own price range
  7. Finally the length of the railing installation will affect price – the more the less you should pay

We have chosen to list below some Railing prices for your balustrade project for reference purposes, the prices below are for material + project. Installation and glass will be additional.

Guide to Railing Prices

- Stainless Steel Railing – US$127 per linear meter or US$38 per linear foot

- Glass Pressure Bracket Stainless Steel Railing – US$145 per linear meter or US$43 per linear foot

- Glass Spigot Railing systems – US$115 per linear meter or US$34 per linear foot

- Frameless glass – US$150 per linear meter or US$45 per linear foot

- Oval Stanchion with pressure brackets – US$155 per linear meter or US$47 per linear foot

- Butterfly Bracket system – US$155 per linear meter or US$47 per linear foot

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Railing Prices
Railing Prices